Free time

Whether it’s very cold or when the temperature is pleasant, you will always find a place where you can relax.To have breakfast in the open, heating yourself with the first rays of sun and during the cold days in autumn or winter you can contemplate the crackle of the fire close to the fireplace.

The beautiful garden with the vine-trellis of the vineyard invites you to contemplate the nature, the colours of the season ,to listen to the noise of he breeze that acts the leaves or to guessthat figures are drawing the clouds, and in the autumn period to smellthe perfume of the wine, the roast chestnuts and to hear the cowbells of the cows that go to the pasture to crop the last grass before the winter….

This place, where the time seems to have stopped, invites you to tastethe pleasures of the life. In the summer, if you wish, it is possible to reconcilethe freshness of the evening with the typical tastes “valdostani” dininggrilled food on the outdoor sprinkled by a selection of local wines.The illumination of the candles and the lamps creates a pleasant and festive atmosphere.

CavalliWe collaborate with some riding stables in the surrounding area and we organize walks and trekking completely immersed in the wonderful woods and mountain villages.