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The History

Old MaisonIn the year 2005 we have decided to restore an old house of family following only the feelings and the deepest emotions to succeed in creating a place able to transmit to the guest that strong “sense of house”. The pleasant difficulty of the restoration has been that to succeed in lowering in the times, in the customs, in the head and in the hands of that farmer, mason, artisan that has realized, centuries back, these wonder where every stone has a history to tell. The floors of the bed rooms in recovered wood of larch, brushed, treated and replaced, the floors of handmade tiles of fire brick, one for one, irregular, rough, but incredibly warm or even the old fireplaces, the walls in stone and the vaults in stone in the old stalls….strong and primitive presences that alone transmit emotions. And as up to the strong supporting walls, crooked and with “uncomfortable” dimensions that they make to loose a lot of space but they repay you with their imposing presence only refined by the colours of lime of which are soaked the plasters that wrapped them. This is the “skin” of the house, those plasters in lime as it was used once, intentionally spread out with the small trowel and without using the ruler and those soft and rounded off angles that create particularly suggestive atmospheres.

Stone, wood, brickwork, iron, lime, natural colours, preserved elements and new interventions , everything thought for creating a light atmosphere of relaxing and hospitality , where each can find the space to establish his personnel relationship with the things, the sounds and the silences, the simple and humble nature of a place where the earth was at the centre of a system of life that from it took and brought in every form, in every circumstance.

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